Our employment law consultants can help you create bespoke contracts of employment and employee handbooks, or review any employment documentation that you already have in place, to ensure that your business establishes and communicates clear policies and procedures to your workers.

Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbooks are the foundation of all employee/employer relationships. However, over the years we have found that it’s a highly neglected area of business with template agreements often being used rather than bespoke and thorough employment documentation.

Our experienced employment law consultants have written hundreds of contracts of employment and employee handbooks for all types of businesses, so they can not only ensure that you and your employees are protected and compliant, but they can also tailor each employment document to best suit the needs of your business.
We make sure that your policies, from managing sickness absence to annual leave, are clearly communicated and that your employees are treated fairly, so that you avoid any serious workplace disputes in the future.

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What employment documentation should you have in place?

The employment documentation that you should have in place for your business depends on what type of employment category (of which there are three) your employee falls under as you can have someone working for you as:

The type of contract of employment they need will be based on which of the above categories they belong to.

How we can help you with your contracts of employment

Guardian Support can help you with all sorts of employment documentation and contracts including:

Technically speaking, you can have a verbal contract, whether an employment contract or otherwise, but we issue a strong word of caution against doing so because it can become quite difficult, even impossible, to prove what was said and agreed.
Quite often, these verbal contracts don’t include all the terms that are expected in a contract of employment.

In addition, under Section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, every employer has a duty to provide all employees, within 2 months of commencement of their employment, with a written principal statement of terms and conditions of employment which details the main terms and conditions that are relevant to their employment.

Where you have subscribed to our contract services, our HR consultants are able to assist you with this document.

Why your employee handbooks might need updating

Your employee handbooks work like policy manuals and are distributed to all of your employees from the start of their employment. Within this document there should be details on company culture, policies and procedures including:

But there is so much more to consider especially as society develops and changes. For example, flexible working is becoming more and more popular and your employee handbooks need to reflect this by detailing how flexible working is managed in your company.

Many company’s employee handbooks can quickly become outdated if not reviewed regularly which means that important policies are being overlooked or are no longer compliant with changes in the law and this could land you in hot water further down the line.

To avoid any complications or misunderstandings, our experienced consultants can review, update and write clear and compliant employee handbooks tailor-made for your business leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Need a professional employment law consultant to review your contracts of employment and employee handbooks?

Our employment documentation service includes:

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