The professional sector has an image to uphold and, like many other industries, can struggle to find the time to prioritise compliancy in the workplace.

When working with other businesses in such a close capacity, it is important that you uphold your reputation in order to maintain strong professional relationships. This means ensuring that you are compliant in all areas of HR and Health and Safety.

Providing professional service businesses with bespoke HR and Health and Safety support

We have Health and Safety experts and employment law consultants ready and waiting to assist you with your contracts and handbooks, risk assessments, recruitment, reporting accidents, employment tribunals and any other issues that come your way.

Our bespoke consultancy service means that you will receive consistent support from the same, named advisor every time which enables us to get a strong understanding of you, your business and its specific needs.


“I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you for your recent help in relation to our HR. As a growing agency, we are well aware of the importance of staff retention and performance. In the two meetings we had, you were able to put my mind at rest and put everything in place to ensure we were going in the right direction in terms of HR.

This not only puts my mind at rest, but also helps our staff and saves time.
I would highly recommend you and Guardian Support to any business looking for peace of mind when employing staff.

Many Thanks”

– Daniel Ricardo, Director
Strategy Plus

Some of the professional service clients we look after include:

spartankeeley & co

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