We are proud to say that following work carried out by our consultants, we have built strong relationships with numerous well-known football clubs over the years.

It is an industry with a lot of HR and Health and Safety aspects to consider including the employees, visitors and members of the public. Not to mention that such high-profile organisations are under a lot of scrutiny so putting one foot wrong when it comes to safety or employment law could be hugely damaging for the club.

Providing football clubs with HR and Health and Safety support

We understand how important it is to sustain your reputation by looking after your staff and ensuring the safety of the hundreds of thousands of people who walk through the premises week to week.

Our HR consultants are on hand to provide bespoke, professional support and advice for any and every HR issue that may arise and can even take over the recruitment process for your business so that you can focus on other areas of management.

Our Health and Safety consultants will focus on matters such as risk assessments, health and safety policies and comprehensive audits to ensure that you are compliant with current legislation.

Though a mighty task for most, we love supporting all types of sports clubs – big and small – across all Health & Safety and HR matters.


“We have worked with Guardian Support since 2014, and though I have previously worked as a consultant myself for a number of years for one of the market’s leading HR consultancies, I have found the services I have receive from Guardian Support to be second to none.
As a small HR team, we see a wide range of issues and it is reassuring that Guardian Support are on hand to help me with any areas of HR practice that I am unsure of or if I just want the reassurance of a second opinion. It is also reassuring that the services we take are on a retained contract, so no matter how much we use their services, we don’t pay any more than our monthly fee. This made it easy for us to get approval for their costs as part of our HR budget.

We chose them because we understand that they already look after a number of football clubs, and though they don’t necessarily advertise this as one of their specialisms, they are clearly in touch with the industry and the unique challenges faced by a football club.”

– Michelle Daly, HR Manager
Birmingham City FC

Some of the football clubs we work closely with:


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