Guardian Support was formed in 2011 out of a very simple observation.

We could see that the law was swinging more and more in favour of employees, and that businesses were finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with all of the changes to legislation.

As far as we could see, the industry was lacking a bespoke consultancy firm for businesses who needed 24/7 support on all aspects of employment law, HR and health and safety.

Hence, Guardian Support was born.

Our ethos is simple. We guard businesses, and support employers.

Guardian Support have fast become one of the leading HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety Consulting Firms in Birmingham, West Midlands.

We use our years of experience and industry knowledge to act as a backbone for your business, whilst ensuring that we establish and maintain a strong relationship with you, the employer.

We offer a custom-made service, providing you with a dedicated consultant who will become your sole advisor for any issues or concerns that you may have.

This guarantees that they can tailor their services to best suit the needs of your business.

We don’t believe that one size fits all when it comes to implementing Employment Law, HR and Health and Safety into a business, so we make it a priority to get to know exactly what it is that you need!

It’s a simple question of, do you want your business to develop and grow whilst remaining compliant without having to sacrifice your sanity?

If so, then our award-winning HR, Employment Law and Health and Safety Consultancy Firm is the answer that you have been looking for.

Why Choose Guardian Support?

We pride ourselves on the three promises we can make to a business when they decide to make us their HR, Employment Law and Health and Safety provider: transparency, consistency and a bespoke service.

You will find that most HR and Health and Safety consultancies require long-term commitments with onerous cancellation demands.This is not the case with us.

Guardian Support offer one-year contracts, or even just pay as you go services, because we understand the importance of proving our worth before you make any sort of obligation and we are confident that we can do this within 12 months.

Our clients have chosen to stay with us because they are happy with our services and need our ongoing support, not because they are tied into a never-ending contract.

Our goal as a consultancy is to be proactive and not reactive. Instead of waiting for an issue to arise and putting measures in place to deal with the problem, our consultants help your business take the appropriate steps to ensure that there is less chance of the issue arising in the first place.

Our HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety Services

An in-depth overview of the different services we offer across Employment Law, HR and Health and Safety can be found throughout our website.

This includes a HR advice line that connects you to a named HR consultant, general risk assessments and a review of all employee documentation.

Every service that we provide is with the aim to support you, the employer, which means that you remain in control of your business and we just act as your competent advisor to ensure that you are making legally compliant decisions whilst enabling your business to progress.

Our HR and Health and Safety Consultants will always keep you informed every step of the way so that you are not just being told what is best for your business, but why and how.

If you can’t find a specific topic or service on our site, then please do give us a call on 0845 874 4086 where we can discuss exactly what it is that you need from us as we are always happy to help.