If you are soon undergoing a business transfer, whether this is due to your business being sold or you are acquiring a new business, you are likely to hear the word TUPE.

What is TUPE?

This is probably the most complicated aspect of employment law and an area of HR that many professional and legal practitioners dread.

TUPE, which refers to the Transfer of Undertakings Regulation 2006, is the process in which employees’ rights and terms and conditions are preserved and protected when a business is transferred to a new employer.

Though it’s a matter that most employers will never have to face, when it does occur it can be quite complex which is why training in dealing with this issue is strongly advised.

Alternatively, you can use our TUPE support service which connects you with an expert Employment Law Consultant who can guide you step-by-step through the process even writing up any documents that you require to ensure that you get everything right!

What does our TUPE Training Course offer?

With a lot of ambiguity and complex rules, it can be very difficult to understand the TUPE process and get it right.

Whilst we will never be able to make TUPE straightforward, we will be able to teach you the foundations, including looking at measures you can take to avoid the application of this onerous legislation.

During this TUPE training course, you will learn about:

Course duration: 1/2 day

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