Does your organisation need to consider making employees redundant, or is this something that may concern you in the future?

What is Redundancy?

You may find yourself, as the employer, in a position where certain roles in your company are no longer required. This may be due to a downsizing of the business, being overstaffed or changes in your organisation.

Whatever the reason may be, this will mean that some of your employees are no longer needed and must be asked to leave i.e. made redundant.

What does our Redundancy Training Course offer?

It is a difficult decision to make and even tougher conversation to have, especially when the employee(s) has been a valuable member of your workforce for some time and has done nothing but work hard.
But it’s a business decision that, often, can’t be avoided and many people are understanding of this as long as it is proceeded with in the correct way.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important that you are aware of the appropriate procedures and the rights of the employee so that there are no repercussions further down the line.

During the redundancy training course, you will learn:

Course duration: 1-2 days

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