Employment law is vital to upholding the employer-employee relationship. With professional employment law consultants prepared to train your managers, investing in employment law training for managers will ensure that your employees understand the law well for their position, allowing your organisation to run smoothly and efficiently.

What is Employment Law?

Employment law is a wide discipline that covers the entire employer/employee relationship. It governs what employers are allowed to expect from employees, what employees can be expected to do according to their contracts, as well as the work rights of employees.

The knowledge and understanding of employment law are vital for Human Resources, as it is the base of any business. This is why some businesses look to employment law consultants or even outsource their employment services, in order to ensure that all the bases are covered. However, managers should also expand their knowledge base by having an understanding of employment law.

Why is Employment Law Training for Managers important?

Managers play a very important role in employee relations, as they are responsible for overseeing teams and managing individuals. For this reason, it is vital that they have a thorough understanding of the law, employee rights and how to implement them effectively.

However, in our modern society, employment law is a lot more complex than it was in the past, and there is now a lot of red tape that you must cut through to make sure that your staff management is up-to-date and compliant. This is why it is encouraged that HR provides employment law advice to managers. 

That said, providing employment law training for managers enables them to act from a base of knowledge of employment law, which significantly lowers the risk of a blunder. If managers get it wrong, there are several potential stumbling blocks on the horizon, so it is more important than ever for everyone to understand their basic obligations under employment legislation.

This on-site employment law training course provides managers with a good foundation level of knowledge to approach key issues in the correct way. So that your business can continue to run smoothly without legal issues becoming a hindrance or an all-out disaster.

What will you learn in the Employment Law Training Course for managers?

Managers are often at the forefront of employee relations issues because, as direct line managers, they are responsible for managing their individual teams. With many laws involved, it is more important than ever to understand your basic obligations under employment legislation. 

This course provides managers with a good foundation level of knowledge to approach the key issues in the right way. Here is what you will learn in our employment law course:

Course duration: 1 day

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FAQs for Employment Law Training

If you want to know more, here are the most frequently asked questions we get about our employment law training course.

How long does this employment law for managers course take?

This comprehensive course takes only one day to complete, ensuring that your managers are ready to handle legal issues within their team in no time at all. In this fast-paced society, we know that you need training solutions fast. So you can simply put aside one day to train all of your managers in employment law, ensuring that the entire company is ready for anything.

What do your employment law courses cost?

Our employment law course costs just £695 +VAT for a full day of training for 12 delegates, and £495 for a half day. So you can scale up your training according to how many managers are in your business.

What further training courses should I consider?

This foundation-level course is a great starting point for every manager, but as always, there is a lot more to learn. If you want to ensure that your employees and managers are fully prepared for every circumstance, consider diving deeper into grievance training, disciplinary training, and family-friendly training. These courses provide employee relations training for managers and can be invaluable in ensuring that your company runs optimally.

To find out more about this course, call us on 0845 2626 260.

To find out more about this course, call us on 0845 2626 260.