Employment law is vital to upholding the employer-employee relationship. With employee law consultants waiting to train others, it is good for managers to take the training to understand the law better for their position.

What is employment law?

Employment law is wide area that covers the entire employer/employee relationship. It governs what employers are allowed to expect from employees, what employers can expect employees to do and the rights of work for employees.

The knowledge and understand of employment law is vital for HR which is why some businesses look to employment law consultants or even outsource employment services. However, managers should expand their knowledge base by having an understanding of employment law.

Why is employment law training important?

Managers play an important role in employee relations as they are responsible for overseeing individual teams. For this reason, it is vital that they have a thorough understanding of the law, employee rights and how to implement them effectively.

However, employment law just isn’t what it used to be and there is now a lot of red tape that you must cut through to make your staff management up to date and compliant. This is why it is encouraged that HR feed employment law advice to managers.However, if managers get it wrong, there are several potential stumbling blocks on the horizon, so it is more important than ever to understand your basic obligations under employment legislation.

This employment law training course provides managers with a good foundation level of knowledge to approach the key issues in the correct way.

What will you learn during the employment law training course for managers?

Course duration: 1 day

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