Working parents are gaining more and more rights every day to help families juggle their work life with raising their children. But just how up to date are you on the rights afforded to working families?

What are Family Friendly Rights?

Family friendly rights refers to the laws in place to protect pregnant women, new fathers and parents (including those through adoption) in the workplace.
These rights promote a healthy work-life balance and ensure that parents can still be productive members of their workplace even after starting a family.

These rights cover issues such as maternity leave, statutory maternity pay, paternity leave, adoption leave, flexible working requests and time off for dependents.

What does our Family Friendly Training Course offer?

The chances are that the majority of your workforce have a family and those that don’t probably will in the near future, so it’s imperative that you are aware of parental rights and how to appropriately manage employees with young children or expectant mothers in the workplace.

From maternity leave through to paternity leave and parental leave, during this session, we look at every family friendly right in detail.

During the family friendly training course, you will learn:

Course duration: 1/2 day

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