It's just as important for you to ensure that your behaviour towards employees is fair and not discriminatory, as it is for you to make sure that your employees treat each other that same way.

What does ‘equal opportunities’ mean?

Equal opportunities is pretty self-explanatory as a workplace issue.
It’s about treating everyone in the workplace equally regardless of characteristics such as, but not limited to, gender, race, religion or age.

In this case, we are using it to address relationships amongst your employees rather than employer and employee interaction.

What does our Equal Opportunities Training offer?

Our equal opportunities in the workplace training course is not the same as our discrimination training.
Unlike our discrimination course, which looks at what amounts to discrimination, this course focuses instead on educating your workforce on how to avoid liability for their employees’ acts of discrimination.

Under discrimination legislation, every employer is liable for the discriminatory acts of their employees towards others if such acts are conducted under their employment, whether they knew of or condoned the actions.
However, as an employer, you may have a defence if you can show that you took all reasonable steps to prevent discrimination, including training your workforce. This session is designed to help you meet this obligation and is aimed at individual workers.

During this equal opportunities in the workplace training course, you will learn about:

Course duration: 1 hour

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