Every employer and manager hopes that this is the one HR policy they never need to refer to, but misbehaving employees is a common and delicate workplace issue that must be handled correctly. For this reason, HR training and support for disciplinary action is critical

This Guardian Support disciplinary training course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to handle these difficult workplace situations.

What is Disciplinary action?

If an employee acts inappropriately, or outside of their contractual obligations, such as being persistently late, acting aggressively towards another member of staff or stealing from the workplace, then you are within your rights to take disciplinary action.

This would mean starting a formal procedure in which you notify your employee of their unacceptable behaviour, which should be outlined in your written disciplinary policy. During the following formal disciplinary procedure, you will make the appropriate business decision, whilst following the legal expectations, which may ultimately result in dismissal.

For most businesses, this is done in-house, but some prefer to outsource their HR services with independent disciplinary advice taken, which could also be done through an HR advice line.

What does our Disciplinary Training Course offer?

Disciplinary action can be difficult for managers and HR departments to tackle for many reasons, including the rights that are in place to protect employees from being treated unfairly.

There are many intrinsic legal aspects to disciplinary procedures at work that must be clearly understood and implemented to run a just, compliant and productive business.

In this training session, we examine every aspect of staff discipline in a practical manner. Our disciplinary procedure training course delves into:

Course duration: 1/2 day

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Disciplinary Training Course FAQs

What related courses should my business consider?

While this course is extremely useful for disciplinary situations, there is always more to learn. With well-trained managers, your business will go from strength to strength. To this end, we recommend enrolling your managers in our employment law training for managers course, employment tribunal training, and discrimination training. These will supplement their knowledge in this sector and will ensure that you have well-equipped managers overseeing these important aspects of your business. 

What does this disciplinary training course cost?

For 12 delegates, our on-site training course can be purchased from £495 for a half day of training.

What is the disciplinary training for managers course duration?

This compact comprehensive training course takes only half a day to complete. In under a day, your managers can be prepared for any disciplinary issues that may arise within your organisation.

To find out more about our Disciplinary Training course, contact us today.

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