The travel and tourism industry is always evolving and the unpredictable nature of this sector means that it can be difficult to manage HR when you aren’t a qualified expert.

The Covid-19 pandemic is just one example of how adaptable and prepared your travel and tourism business must be when it comes to HR matters.

You need to have all the right policies in place and up to date, understand the ins and outs of government schemes that affect your workers and manage any grievances, absences and redundancy issues that arise all whilst running a business.

It can be overwhelming, and you shouldn’t be expected to juggle it all on your own. The support of a HR consultancy company can alleviate some of the stress and free up your valuable time so that you can focus on what you do best.


HR Services for Travel and Tourism Companies

We have a team of employed HR consultants that are trained and qualified in handling the HR issues commonly faced by businesses in the travel and tourism sector.

Our HR services give you access to a dedicated consultant with experience in the industry who can provide you with comprehensive guidance documents, professional HR advice and bespoke support, including writing up employee documentation, acting as a chair for employee meetings and keeping you up to date on new or changing employment laws.

There is no problem too big or small for our team, from casual worker contracts to DBS checks, we are here to help you.

We also have qualified health and safety consultants on hand if you need any risk assessments, audits, training, or advice in this area of your business.

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