We understand that, as an employer, you want nothing more than to build a team of hard-working, happy and productive staff.
You also want to ensure that there is a clear understanding between you and your employees as to what is expected of them so that you can establish and maintain a strong, positive working relationship.

By using our HR services for employers, you can utilise the years of experience and industry knowledge that our HR consultants have gained to help your business grow and get the best out of your team.

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What HR services do we offer employers?

Our HR consultancy service focuses on the workplace issues that affect the productivity of your employees, the growth of your business and the probability of legal action being taken against you. This includes holiday entitlement, performance management, recruitment, absence, lateness, bullying, working hours, and so much more!

Managing HR internally, even for smaller businesses, is a lot of work and extremely challenging especially as the HR team build relationships with employees and the unbiased nature of the HR department can find itself at jeopardy.

Our HR services provide you with a dedicated consultant who can offer advice and support during the recruitment, training, development and management of your employees.
Your dedicated consultant will make sure that you employ only the best, improve employee productivity, retain your strongest staff members and build a happy and motivated workforce whilst keeping your best interests in mind.

All of our services have a bespoke offering so we are not just handing you generic templates (unless that is what you prefer) or broad advice because we understand that every business and every situation is completely different; hence, we approach them all as individual cases.
We also realise that many employees are in such high demand that when they turn to us for support they are looking for a weight to be lifted, therefore we can manage any HR process with you from start to end with as much hand-holding as you require.

This leaves you to focus on doing what you do best – running a successful business!

Need some advice and support when it comes to HR?

Our HR services include:

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