As your business grows, or as it loses employees, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to start hiring new staff which can result in a demanding and time-consuming recruitment process. Therefore, outsourcing that responsibility to experienced recruitment professionals is the preferred solution.

When recruitment is done right, and you find the best people for your business, retention rates increase, along with productivity and workplace morale, and your business can continue to prosper and grow.

Why should employers outsource recruitment support?

The average recruitment process – from writing up a job advertisement to writing the job offer letter – can take 23 working days, and if you are hiring multiple people for multiple roles throughout the year, then this can really add up.

This is time that most employers can’t afford to take out of their, or their employees’, week which is why recruitment process outsourcing is the ideal alternative. 

When you work with an RPO provider, it will:

Why choose Guardian Support over a recruitment agency?

After years of supporting businesses with their HR and Employment Law, recruitment agencies just weren’t working for many of our clients.

Typically, they charge 30% of the salary for the role they are hiring for (with the average hire costing £4,000), they usually bill for the total cost once the role has been filled with their focus on sourcing candidates, managing applications and an initial screening.

The service we offer as your Recruitment Business Partner is usually more ideal for SMEs where budgets are a little tighter and getting recruitment right is extremely important.

We have a fixed annual fee for our recruitment services which can be paid in monthly instalments, discounted rates for multiple hires from one campaign or even a Pay As You Go option.

We also deliver a comprehensive turnkey solution including writing your job advertisements, sitting in on the interviews, providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates and issuing contracts and handbooks.

Plus, we don’t just cut all ties once the position has been filled. If you choose to use our recruitment services along with our HR support and HR advice line, then we can be at your side every step of the way such as assisting with the induction of your new employee and implementing performance management processes.

What’s more, if a hire doesn’t work out within the first 3 months of employment, then we will do a free replacement service with no questions asked.

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Are you hiring new team members to join your organisation?

Our recruitment and onboarding service includes:

To discuss costs and find out more about our recruitment and onboarding service, give us a call on 0845 2626 260.