We understand that conducting internal meetings such as performance reviews and grievances can be very daunting and stressful.
Our HR consultants can provide onsite HR support to chair these meetings on your behalf or provide you with an extra pair of eyes and ears to ensure the meeting runs smoothly.

In every business, there comes a time when a difficult or challenging meeting needs to be had with a member of staff such as a disciplinary or performance review. It can become particularly complex when a close working relationship has been established between you and the employee.
You may not want to be perceived as being biased towards certain members of staff, or letting personal feelings interfere with business decisions, so it is always best to onsite HR support acting as an independent party and sitting in to provide impartial feedback and advice.

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How our onsite HR support works?

Our onsite HR support for employers is ideal for times when a business encounters a challenging situation, such as an investigation or dismissal, and requires an unbiased, third party with HR knowledge to provide advice and assistance in dealing with the issue.

With one of our HR experts by your side, a lot of the stress that comes with internal staff meetings will be eliminated and you can feel at ease knowing that best practices will be followed and legal processes will be complied with to protect you and your business.

We can even attend the meeting, chair it and provide any follow-up HR support that is needed.

We can also hear appeals where there are no suitable alternatives to do so within your company.

Need external HR support when holding employee meetings?

Our onsite HR support service includes:

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