The cost of sickness absences has reached £29 billion a year in the UK - that's a lot of ill people, and empty offices.

By being aware of the possible reasons for sickness absence, you may be able to keep one step ahead.

What Are the Main Causes of Sickness Absence?

–    Back pain (this is largest reported reason for workplace absence)
–    Minor illness (such as flu or a stomach bug)
–    Stress (often due to work)
–    Recurring medical condition (which you should be aware of from having employees complete a medical questionnaire)
–    Acute, unexpected medical condition (e.g. burst appendix, heart attack)
–    Broken limbs

What Does The Law Say About Sickness Absence?

If you have a query regarding sickness absence, maybe an employee has been off ill for a couple of weeks or an employee who is off sick too regularly, then we are the people to turn to.

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