Making sure that your employees are happy and feel comfortable at work is a huge priority. Bullying and harassment from other colleagues, employers or even visitors should not be tolerated!

What constitutes as bullying in the workplace?

Bullying usually involves a series of incidents over a period of time that cause one or more employees to feel isolated, embarrassed, upset or intimidated. Examples include spreading malicious rumours, misuse of authority, exclusion and name-calling.

There is a misconception that bullying behaviour is aggressive or physically harmful; however, it can be more subtle so it is not always easy to spot.

What is harassment in the workplace?

Harassment is very similar to bullying in that it is an action carried out by one or more workers which results in one or more other workers feeling isolated, embarrassed, upset or intimidated.

However, unlike bullying, harassment refers specifically to the unlawful discrimination of a person based on specific topics i.e. age, sex, religion, disability, race etc. It may be a single, isolated incident such as an employee making an offhand racist comment, or it could be a series of incidents.

How we can help you tackle bullying and harassment at work

Our HR Consultants have experience in supporting businesses and employers when dealing with issues of bullying and harassment in the workplace.

One of the most important things you can do is clearly outline and communicate your Bullying and Harassment Policy to all employees from day one of employment as, without one in place, you may be found liable for any damages caused by bullying at work.

If your staff understand that there is no tolerance for anyone found bullying or harassing a colleague, employee or manager, and that it may lead to dismissal, they are more likely to be deterred from behaving that way.

With our support we can:

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