Managing HR can be a challenging task for small businesses who may not have the resources, knowledge or money to successfully run it all in-house.
Therefore, outsourcing the support of a HR company is often the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

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Why do you need HR support?

We can provide your small business with access to the advice and support of a dedicated HR Consultant, effectively becoming your outsourced HR department but with a named consultant who has relevant experience within your industry.

They will proactively ensure that your:

Whether you want us to take full control when making difficult HR decision, or you want to take a collaborative approach, we will tailor the support and services to best suit your needs.

Small Business Package for HR Support

Small businesses have a small team which typically means they have less day to day HR issues; hence, you shouldn’t have to fork out the same amount of money as a larger organisation.

We created a bespoke package specifically for small businesses to ensure that they could access quality HR support for a reasonable price. 

Our Small Business Package is for companies with less than 10 employees who need to outsource the support of a HR professional but can’t justify the hefty costs that they are often expected to pay. 

The package includes everything a small business needs to appropriately manage HR, including:

With this Small Business Package, you also get access to the following Health and Safety Services:

All for just an additional £345 (a saving of 77%) on top of what you would pay for HR support alone. 

It’s the ideal solution for small businesses who are currently trying to manage HR and Health and Safety internally, or who are unhappy with their current service provider, and need more cost-effective and reliable support.

Start outsourcing HR support today!

Our Birmingham-based HR consultancy delivers external HR support for all issues in the workplace across the UK. This includes, but is not limited to:

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