We provide businesses, big or small and across all industries, with all the documentation they need to ensure that their business is compliant with UK Health and Safety legislations.

Any business with five or more employees is legally obliged to have a Health and Safety policy written up and communicated to their staff, in order to reduce risk of accidents and ensure that the workplace is a safe environment for people to work.

We can help you create a policy that is professional, delivers the right message and meets HSE standards. Whether your business is a charity, or customer service based, our experts will have the perfect health and safety policy for your business.

What is a Health and Safety Policy?

A Health and Safety policy is a document that clearly communicates your approach, responsibilities and arrangements regarding the management of Health & Safety in the workplace. It outlines who must take responsibility for certain risks, and when and how these responsibilities are implemented to oversee Health and Safety issues.

Your Health and Safety policy isn’t like any other policy that you compile for your business; there are rules and good practice guidelines for what needs to be included; therefore, many organisations choose to outsource help when they draft and implement their policies to guarantee that they remain compliant.

Our Health and Safety consultants have written up hundreds of Health and Safety policies over the years, so they are familiar with the format they must abide to and the HSE practices and procedures they must include. They also providehealth and safety audits and health and safety assessments.

Would you like to leave your policy in the hands of an expert?

 Our Health and Safety policy service includes:

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