Excessive noise in the workplace can have a serious negative impact on your employees' health and lead to ringing in the ears and deafness if not dealt with as early as possible.
A Workplace Noise Assessment can help identify any danger, suggest improvements and put your mind at ease.

Noise is a workplace hazard that often gets forgotten because it isn’t a visible danger with immediate damage; however, exposure to excessive noise can lead to long-term hearing damage which may not come into effect until some months, or even years, down the line.

This particular hazard is most common in the construction industry but, the Control of Noise at Work Regulations now states that the level at which employers must assess the risk to workers’ health and provide them with information and training is now 80 decibels which is about the noise level of most vacuum cleaners. This could mean that your workplace falls into this category and is in need of a Noise Assessment.

What is a Noise Assessment?

A noise assessment works similarly to most workplace risk assessments. A noise assessor will visit your premises and use a sound meter to measure the level of noise in your place of work so as to determine what risk it poses to your employees and any site visitors.

Our consultant will also be able to suggest ways in which to protect your employees if there is excessive noise at work so that you can ensure the safety of your employees and that you are meeting Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

Need a Health and Safety expert to assess the noise in your workplace?

Our Noise Assessment includes:

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