This can seem like a mighty task, especially if you have quite a few machines in your workplace, so why not make your life easier by outsourcing a Health and Safety expert to do the job for you.

Our experienced consultants have seen machinery in almost every environment possible, so rather than attempting the machinery risk assessment by yourself, why not outsource one of our Health and Safety experts.

They can visit your premises and conduct a thorough risk assessment of every machine in the workplace before creating a bespoke report of their findings to help you remain compliant.

What is a Machinery Risk Assessment?

If your employees are working with machinery, such as abrasive wheels or cement mixers, then a comprehensive risk assessment needs to carried out.
This will determine the level of risk and the precautions that need to be put into place to reduce this risk such as training employee’s or wearing the correct PPE, which in turn will create a safer working environment for your employees and ensure that the HSE are satisfied with your compliancy towards safety matters.

Need some experts to carry out your Machinery Risk Assessment?

This service includes:

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