First Aid is an essential part of Health and Safety within the workplace because no matter how many precautions are put in place, accidents will happen and you need to be able to respond to them quickly and effectively.

With over half a million accidents taking place in UK workplaces every year, a First Aid Needs Assessment is needed to ensure that the right first aid provisions are put in place and the appropriate appointed persons as first aiders are identified.

By completing this first aid needs assessment, you can ensure that your business is compliant with current legislation and your employees will feel a whole lot safer knowing that first aid is taken seriously within the organisation.

What is a First Aid Needs Assessment?

A First Aid Needs Assessment refers to the process of identifying the hazards and potential injuries that may occur in your workplace, which will enable you to decide what precautions need to be put into place.

The Health and Safety Executive published the 2013 First Aid Guidelines for Employers which recommends how many first aiders are required and where they should be located within the building.

What should a First Aid Needs Assessment consider?

A First Aid Needs Assessment must consider:

You should always be prepared for an accident in the workplace by having sufficient first aid equipment. This includes a first aid kit so that any injuries can be dealt with quickly and correctly before they become more severe, or even life-threatening, and an accident book so that all incidents can be accurately recorded.

Does your business require external support with your First Aid Needs Assessment?

Our Health & Safety Consultants are fully trained in carrying out comprehensive First Aid Needs Assessments and can identify what is required for your specific business following an on-site visit and complete analysis.

We will then make recommendations to ensure your business is HSE compliant as well as providing a written record of this process, ensuring that you have a comprehensive first aid needs assessment to refer to when necessary.

Our First Aid Needs Assessment service contains:

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