Employers often downplay the importance of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments. More and more businesses rely on display screens but most are not aware of the long term health risks that these pieces of technology pose to their employees.
A DSE Risk Assessment will highlight any potential risks in your workplace and help you put preventative measures in place.

At Guardian Support, our health and safety consultants are here to support employers in conducting these DSE Risk Assessments.

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What is a Display Screen Equipment Assessment?

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) includes items such as tablets, laptops, computers and phones so some form of it is found somewhere in most modern day workplaces.

A Display Screen Equipment Assessment is a risk assessment employers must undertake when employees begin using DSE as part of their everyday working activities even if it is for only as little as a couple of hours a day.

The aim of the assessment is to ensure that DSE users are not at risk of long-term physical damage to their back or eyes because of poorly setup workstations or badly lit DSE.

Why do I need a Display Screen Assessment?

A Display Screen Assessment is needed when employees spend a substantial amount of time sat at a computer screen, TV, or on a smartphone.

Workstations need to be set up properly and precautions put in place to avoid the overuse of Display Screen Equipment. If workstations aren’t set up properly, it can cause eye strain, back problems and other serious health issues. For this reason, DSE Risk Assessments need to be carried out on a regular basis to identify any hazards to the health and to ensure the well-being of your employees.

What should you look at in a DSE Risk Assessment?

Employers should look at:

By looking at these elements, you can identify risks and take steps to reduce them.

When should an employer complete a DSE Assessment?

DSE Assessments are applicable to workers who are classed as DSE users i.e. they use DSE daily, for an hour or more at a time. When this is the case, employers should complete a DSE Assessment if:

Is your business looking for an expert to complete your DSE Assessments?

DSE assessments can be completed in-house but can be time-consuming and difficult if you are not sure exactly what they involve and how to make sure that you are compliant with the law. As a result, businesses often choose to outsource their DSE assessment support to consultancy services such as Guardian Support.

We provide you with a dedicated Health & Safety Consultant who will conduct an efficient DSE assessment to help you comply with your obligations as an employer. This means that there is one less thing for you to worry about.

Our DSE assessment service includes:

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