COSHH, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Risk Assessments are complex to perform. With health risk assessments required by law, it is vital organisations complete them as part of securing the safety of its employees.

At Guardian Support, our health and safety consultants are experts at conducting COSHH Risk Assessments.

If your business uses or creates substances or completes processes that might cause harm to health, the law requires you control all possible risks to employees. For this reason, a COSHH Risk Assessment is required.

What is a COSHH Risk Assessment?

A COSHH Risk Assessment is a report that identifies the hazards and risks related to dangerous substances within the workplace. The COSHH risk assessment ensures that you put appropriate control measures in place to protect the health and well-being of your employees and remain compliant with the law.

Health hazards aren’t just limited to any substance labelled as “hazardous”. Harmful substances are be produced by a work process – this could be from wood dust after sanding or silica dust from tile cutting.

Why do I need a COSHH Risk Assessment?

It is an expectation from COSHH that all employers assess the risks to health that could arise from hazardous substances present or created during the working day. This thorough report will enable you to effectively decide what precautions are needed for all staff and visitors on site to prevent or adequately control exposure.

Over the years, we have found that many employers wrongly confuse the chemical material safety data sheet as their COSHH risk assessment, but they are not the same thing. With potentially many substances hazardous to health within the workplace, making sure you have the right documentation is vital.

If your employees are working with hazardous substances, then you need to ensure that the correct control measures are in place to reduce the risk of serious injury. This may include the need for PPE to be worn around the workplace or for affected employees to undergo COSHH training.

How can Guardian Support assist your business with a COSHH Assessment?

We conduct COSHH Risk Assessments with great care to create a document that matches government regulations. We are also here to offer advice on understanding this very complex risk assessment documentation.

Our Health & Safety consultants will also regularly review and update your COSHH risk assessment accordingly to make sure that you are always safe and compliant, even as legislation changes.

Our Guardian Support COSHH Assessment service includes:

If you need a COSHH Risk Assessment completed or would like some advice, contact us or call us today on 0845 2626 260.

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