At Guardian Support, we pride ourselves on being flexible and competent in how we advise and support our clients when it comes to health and safety matters in the workplace. Our personable manner and no-nonsense approach to Health and Safety ensures that the guidance with which we provide employers is compliant and working to best HSE practices.

It is a legal requirement for businesses with five or more employees to have a competent person in place guiding them through any health and safety issues that may arise in the workplace.
Our health and safety advice line enables you to speak directly to a qualified Health & Safety Advisor whenever you may need them.

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Who needs health and safety advice?

Every organisation in the UK needs access to competent health and safety advice, especially if you employ five or more members of staff, as it is a legal obligation under Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1999.
But even smaller businesses should seek the advice of a professional on matters of workplace health and safety as you can never be too careful and, should a serious accident occur, you could face some major repercussions if it’s found that you were not taking health and safety seriously i.e. did not have access to satisfactory health and safety advice.

All employers have a responsibility to ensure that this advice is coming from a qualified and experienced health and safety advisor that understands their industry and the needs of the business. This is why we provide a full consultant profile, including qualifications and previous experience, to our clients before they even sign up for our services.

Furthermore, many contractors who apply for safety schemes in procurement (SSIP’s), like CHAS, SMAS, Safe Contractor, Constructionline, etc. will be required to demonstrate that they have access to competent health and safety advice in order to be successful in their application.

Why you should outsource health and safety advice

Larger companies often employ their own in-house health and safety specialists, but if you are a small to medium sized business, you are still legally obliged to have access to competent advice and support, and going in-house is an expense many businesses cannot afford. This is where outsourcing your health and safety advice comes in.

Here at Guardian Support, we provide a competent team who are there to give expert advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; satisfying your legal requirements for a fraction of the price, and tailoring our health and safety advice to best suit your business needs. Whether you’re in the automotive industry, or have a franchise company, we are able to cater to an array of different businesses. We can also advise on assessments, audits and so much more.

We will also ensure that you are allocated a dedicated Health and Safety advisor so that you receive a bespoke and consistent service every time you give us a call.

How to use our health and safety advice line

Our health and safety advice line service is available to employers, managers and business owners within any industry in the UK.

If you fall under that category, and you need professional health and safety advice then contact us today and we will discuss your needs to establish which of our consultants is best suited for your business.

We offer a Pay As You Go option which is charged at a competitive hourly rate and is ideal for those who have a specific issue or question that needs addressing quickly or those who require some one-off health and safety advice.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a long-term arrangement, we have one-year contracts which give you unlimited access to our health and safety advice line over a 12 month period. As part of this service, you will be provided with a named health and safety advisor along with their direct contact details so that you can reach them whenever you need their support.
We will also ensure that your assigned consultant has sufficient experience and knowledge within your industry so that can provide bespoke and compliant health and safety advice for your business.

Do you get a certificate?

All clients who use our health and safety advice line receive a certificate within a week of signing up, confirming that Guardian Support have been appointed as your health and safety advisors. This informs your staff members, clients and suppliers that you have taken positive measures to promote the correct health and safety practices within your organisation.

Need a direct line to a Health and Safety Advisor?

Our Health and Safety advice line includes:

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