There are over half a million accidents in UK workplaces every year and, though that figure is slowly decreasing, it's far higher than it should be which is why you must take the health and safety of your employees seriously.

It can be a scary task and massive responsibility for employers but with the help of our health and safety consultants, you can sleep easy at night knowing that your workplace is fully compliant with the law and that every step has been taken to ensure the safety of your workforce.

Imagine how much easier it would be to run your company knowing that the safety of your staff and the compliance of your business are in the hands of an experienced and qualified health and safety expert?

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Health and safety is so much more than a risk assessment of a few wires and a fire evacuation procedure.

Our health and safety team provide you with expert advice and support on health and safety law. We give you a cost effective way of meeting health and safety standards, tailored to your business’s individual needs and safety issues.

From ensuring your employees are lifting heavy items correctly and safely to making sure that enough people on your team are trained in carrying out first aid, there are many components to a safe working environment and, often, employers require professional health and safety support to get there.

From the mental health of your employees to display screen equipment, implementing the correct health and safety procedures is a never-ending task for every employer, and with ever changing regulations it can be extremely difficult to keep up, which is why most businesses opt for external health and safety support.

What health and safety support do businesses need?

The Health and Safety at Work Act states that it is the duty of the employer to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees. This includes appointing a ‘competent person’ in the role of assisting with health and safety matters.

With the right health and safety practices and procedures in place, you can severely reduce the risk of an accident at work and even, potentially, save the lives of your employees.

Health and safety can be an exhaustive issue for employers, and without the right knowledge and qualifications, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed with HSE assessments and documentation that you can’t complete or keep up to date with on your own.

Health and safety in the workplace should always be treated as a top priority and with external health and safety support from our qualified health and safety consultants, you will be fulfilling your legal obligation and appointing us as your ‘competent person’. You’ll even have the necessary certification to prove it.

Our Birmingham based health and safety consultancy provides you with a dedicated, fully qualified health and safety expert who has assisted hundreds of businesses, big and small, when it comes to remaining compliant with the latest laws and regulations in the workplace.

Need some advice and support when it comes to health and safety?

Our health and safety consultancy service includes, but is not limited to:

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