It is every employer's responsibility to ensure that their organisation has appropriately assessed all work activities and tasks which may put an employee, visitor, contractor or volunteer under their supervision at risk of injury or worse.

In our experience, most organisations and businesses do not employ a health and safety specialist due to the high costs involved, leaving employers to conduct risk assessments with little to no help from a professional. If your risk assessment is not completed to a suitable standard, then this could severely affect the safety of your employees and the reputation of your business.

We can provide you with a dedicated Health and Safety Consultant who is an expert on health and safety law. This consultant will visit your workplace and conduct a thorough bespoke general risk assessment, leaving you to just print and sign off the documentation.

What is a Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment is the process in which you evaluate the potential hazards that could cause harm or ill-health from your work activities and to implement suitable and sufficient controls to ensure a safe working environment.

It typically works in five simple steps:

While you cannot completely eradicate all health and safety hazards, it is a legal requirement to identify the hazards, assess and control the risks by carrying out a holistic risk assessment of the workplace, thus ensuring you have suitable policies, procedures, practices (safe systems of work) in place that significantly reduce the severity of the occurring risks. For example, a fire might still occur but you will have a practiced evacuation in place which results in everyone getting out of the building safely.

What is Looked at During a Risk Assessment

When we are carrying out the assessment, we look at a number of things that can increase the level of risk or become potential hazards and risks.

What is a Method Statement?

A method statement, also referred to as a ‘safe system of work’, is a document that details how certain tasks around the workplace will be carried out to ensure they are compliant. The method statement must outline the hazards that you identified during your risk assessment, and what steps you will take to reduce any implicated risks from said hazard. The method statement should also explain what control measures have been introduced to ensure the safety of anyone carrying out or affected by hazardous tasks.

As part of our health and safety risk assessment service, your dedicated consultant will produce a method statement based on their findings during the assessment.

Want us to assess the hazards in your workplace?

Our risk assessment service includes:

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