Regular food safety audits are crucial to maintaining food safety standards especially as legislation, and possibly your business, is always changing.

What is a Food Safety Audit?

A Food Safety Audit is much like any other Health and Safety Audit for your business. It is a systematic, independent and documented assessment of any and all current Food Safety procedures that are in place at your business.

This is then measured against regulated criteria, such as the guidelines set out by Food Standards Agency, to ensure that expectations are being met to a legal minimum.

This will include looking at what PPE, if any, you wear when working with food, how and where you store food, food labelling, preparation of food, personal hygiene etc.

Organisations that handle or prepare food in any way, shape or form should have a Food Safety Management System in place to ensure safety processes continue to be maintained.

Our Food Safety Audits

One of our qualified Food Safety Consultants will visit your premises, speak to managers and staff and assess all of your current documentation and Food Safety Systems in order to establish whether you are compliant with food safety laws.

As a result of this personalised and proactive audit of your business, our Food Safety Consultants can clearly identify your areas of strength and any areas which may need improvement.
This includes producing a report that offers solutions to any weaknesses or risks within your business such as training and management systems.

Our food hygiene auditors have years of experience and can recognise flaws in your management systems and safety procedures that you may overlook. 

Furthermore, having a qualified, independent auditor will prove to enforcement officers that you are taking food safety seriously and using appropriate measures to improve your workplace.

If you would like to book a Food Safety Audit with one of our Food Safety Consultants, then please call us today on 0845 2626 260