You have a duty to report, respond to and prevent food incidents in the workplace so when/if one occurs then you may need the support of an experienced Food Safety Consultant.

A food incident is when there is concern, or evidence that, food prepared, handled or served by your business does not meet the required legal standards; therefore, potentially putting the consumers’ health at risk.

This can include:

Reporting a Food Incident

If you suspect or are aware of a food incident at your business then you must inform your local authority/port health authority and the Food Standards Agency.

This means completing a Food and Feed Incident Report Form as soon as possible and reviewing your current Food Safety Management System to assess where things may have gone wrong and how they can be improved.

Our Food Incident Support Service

Our Food Safety Experts can support you should your business be on the receiving end of any suspected food poisoning, food complaints or EHO visits.

We will assist you in completing the Food and Feed Incident Report Form to notify all necessary authorities, help you respond to the incident and conduct a Food Safety Audit and implement a Food Safety Management System to prevent any further Food Incidents’. 

If you require our support reporting or responding to food incidents in the workplace then call us today on 0845 2626 260