When working in an industry or workplace that requires you to handle or prepare food, especially when it's for other people, confidence of safety and hygiene standards are paramount.

The Food Standards Agency have set guidelines in place that organisations must understand and follow in order to reduce the risk of food poisoning and any other health issues as a result of poor food hygiene.

This is then given a score known as a ‘Food Hygiene Rating’ which indicates to authorities and the public the standard of food safety at your business.

What Is Food Safety?

In summary, food safety is the precautions and rules that you put in place to reduce the risk of sickness.

Food, like fires or machinery, is a potential workplace hazard so you have a responsibility to ensure that you are following all standards set out by the Food Standards Agency to reduce this risk.

Some examples of dangers in the food industry include:

If you work in an industry or business that handles or prepares food, especially when it is for people outside of your organisation, then Food Safety should be a concern.
Examples of such businesses would be:

What Does The Law Say About Food Safety and Hygiene?

The law on Food Safety is quite extensive so we advise that you take a look at the Food Standards Agency website for a thorough understanding.

The key regulations set out by the Food Safety Act 1990 state that:

There is also the General Food Law which covers the main European Commission and domestic legislation and the Food Standards Act 1999.

Need some professional support with Food Safety in the workplace?

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