Workplace disputes can have a massive negative impact on your business, so resolving them as quickly and amicably as possible is important.
We can provide onsite employment law support to assist in conducting internal meetings with employees, and other aspects of workplace mediation.

Our qualified employment law consultants are on hand to support you with any employee meetings surrounding disputes or difficult situations to ensure that everything runs accordingly by sitting in as an observer, an unbiased third party or acting as a chair – whichever you need!

It’s important to maintain strong and clear communication between you, the employer, and your employees when a difficult situation arises such as misconduct or redundancy.
If you would prefer not to conduct such meetings alone, and would feel more comfortable with the support of an employment law expert, then our workplace mediation service is ideal for you.

We can also hear appeals where there are no suitable alternatives to do so within your Company.

Need an expert to chair your employee meetings?

Our workplace mediation service includes:

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We will be by your side through every step of a workplace dispute, call us today on 0845 2626 260.