Workplace disputes can have a massive negative impact on your business, so resolving them as quickly and amicably as possible is important.
We can provide onsite support from a trained mediator to assist in chairing mediation meetings with employees, and other aspects of workplace mediation.

Our trained mediators are on hand to support you during any workplace disputes to ensure that the issue is dealt with swiftly and fairly leaving all parties involved satisfied with the outcome. We will act as a chair for mediation meetings, setting the agenda, taking minutes and making sure that the meeting remains civil and offers all parties the opportunity to say their piece.

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What is Workplace Mediation?

Mediation in the workplace is the process in which a third, unbiased party steps into a dispute between two or more individuals or groups and attempts to resolve the issue and come to some sort of agreement that, ideally, leaves all parties happy whilst protecting the business.

This includes disputes that an employee may have against their employer or a dispute amongst co-workers that has been brought to the employer because it is affecting the business.

In either case, our employment law consultants can mediate and bring harmony to your workplace.

What happens during a workplace mediation session?

A workplace mediation session typically begins with an introduction that outlines the reason for the session, and sets some ground rules that participants must follow.

The mediator then asks each participant to explain their stance on the problem or events.

This is generally followed by questions designed to help construct a clearer picture of the situation, and the steps required in order to resolve it.

Ideally the outcome should be that all parties agree on a resolution.

How Our Workplace Mediation Service Works

It’s important to maintain strong and clear communication between you, the employer, and your employees when a difficult situation arises. You also need to ensure that you are complying with employment laws when dealing with these situations and that you are putting your businesses best interests first too.

If you would prefer not to conduct such meetings alone, and feel more comfortable with the support of an impartial and experienced mediator, then our workplace mediation service is ideal for you.

We will provide you with a dedicated and trained mediator who will enquire about the issue to get a full understanding of the situation before offering their professional support on the matter in order to facilitate the parties to reach their own agreement (as, after all, an arrangement which both parties agree to will more likely be followed by the individuals themselves).

Once an agreement that suits all parties has been reached, our mediator can draw up the necessary documents and monitor the on-going situation, if required.

What questions are asked during a workplace mediation session?

The exact questions will depend on the circumstances behind the mediation, however common questions that may be asked include:

Need a Mediator To Chair Your Employee Meetings?

Our workplace mediation service includes:

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