If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being taken to an employment tribunal by an employee, or you just want to protect yourself in case that situation does arise, then there are several ways in which we can help you.

Thanks to the recent decision to scrap tribunal fees, many claimants see little deterrence in pursuing formal action against their employers, especially with ever more sources of free advice available to them too.
Even if you attend an employment tribunal and succeed, you may still have lost considerable money if you do not have the suitable protection in place for your representation costs.

Our employment law consultants can support you through the ups and downs of the tribunal process as your legal representative.
Whether it is a straightforward payment dispute or a more complex claim such as unfair dismissal, we are on hand to deal with all aspects of the employment tribunal procedure from beginning to end.


Sometimes, reaching a settlement with the claimant is the best option for your business. It means less hassle and wasted time, and avoiding the tribunal costs.
If your employment law consultant feels that arranging a settlement is the best way to proceed, then they will openly advise you to do so, and explain why.

They will also assist with the settlement proceedings so as to continue protecting your reputation and saving you as much money and time as possible.

Need employer support for an upcoming employment tribunal?

Our employment tribunal representation service includes:

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