As an employer, you can't afford to ever get it wrong when it comes to Employment Law. One mistake could see you heading to court, paying out a lot of money, ruining your reputation and losing the faith and support of your employees. Our Employment Law Consultants are able to offer expert advice, and are perfect to support you whether you have a HR department or not.

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Our Employment Law Consultants go through an extensive recruitment process to ensure they meet the high standards set at Guardian Support.

Even once they become part of our team, they undergo robust auditing of advice (not through call recording to ensure the privacy of our clients), as well as being tested on knowledge of clients and business engagement to guarantee that tailored solutions are being offered to meet individual client needs.

Our employment law consultants, who are based throughout the UK, have helped businesses across all types of industries in areas such as Birmingham, Manchester, London and Liverpool, comply with the ever-changing pressures of employment law legislation, without jeopardising the success of their business and the productivity of their employees.

We pride ourselves on being a small but mighty team who have, collectively, over 60 years’ experience working in employment law across a variety of industries including charities, care homes, retail, construction, food, customer service and so much more.

Who is the right employment law consultant for my business?

We employ a wide range of employment law consultants with varying types of experience in a range of industries, so we are more than certain that we can find the right fit for you and your business, regardless of the employment law service you require.

Once your consultant has been selected, you will receive a copy of their profile which lists their qualifications, experience and tells you a little more about them. You’ll also get an introductory call from them so that you can discuss your business and any ongoing employment law issues that need addressing before they begin reviewing your workplace policies and procedures.

Your employment law consultant will be able to offer you valuable employment law consulting advice that best suits the needs of your sector and company.

With a plethora of qualifications and an wealth of knowledge, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands when you’re with Guardian Support!

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