Employment Law is a minefield of ever-changing legislation and it can be difficult for employers to keep up whilst trying to manage the day to day of their business. But there is no excuse for any employer not to keep their business up to date with everything that is going on in the world of Employment Law.
Protect your business and your reputation by outsourcing employment law support with advice, consultants and services all being available through Guardian Support.

Employment Law is a minefield of ever-changing legislation and it can be difficult for employers to keep up whilst trying to manage the day to day of their business – but as an employer, you can’t afford to get it wrong. One mistake could see you heading to court, paying hefty fines, damaging your reputation, and losing the faith and support of your employees.

Our Employment Law Consultants are able to offer expert advice, and are able to support you whether you have a HR department or not.

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What is employment law? 

Employment Law is the regulation that governs employer/employee relationships in the workplace. In the UK, employment law is set in place by guidelines from the government which state what employers can legally expect and ask of their employees, and the rights in place to protect them. Some employment law related issues include:

These issues affect every business and can cause a great deal of hassle if not dealt with correctly and efficiently.

What employment law services do we offer employers? 

Our employment law consultancy services cover every issue that employers are likely to face, and are at risk of being taken to an employment tribunal over if they are not complying. This includes annual leave, maternity pay, discrimination, working hours, minimum wage, contracts and paternity leave – just to name a few.

From our employment law advice line, which connects you to your dedicated consultant whenever you need remote support or advice, to our employment tribunal representation, we are committed to making sure that businesses across the UK are protected when it comes to employment law.

Our award-winning consultancy offers a professional employment law service exclusively to employers, business owners and managers. As part of the service, we will allocate you one of our employment law specialists to act as your dedicated consultant, offering you and your business consistent support, and ensuring that you are compliant even as the law changes. 

We also create bespoke packages so that you are only paying for the specific services that your business requires; this includes one-year contracts rather than being tied into a long-term commitment, or pay as you go support. This is simply because we know that, based on our 97% retention rate, we can prove our worth to you from the moment you start using our employment law services, and after 12 months we believe that you will stay with us because you want to, and not because you are legally bound by a contract.

Our employment law consultants’ credentials

Our Employment Law Consultants go through an extensive recruitment process to ensure they meet the high standards set at Guardian Support. 

Even once part of our team, our consultants undergo robust auditing of advice (not through call recording to ensure the privacy of our clients), as well as being tested on knowledge of clients and business engagement to guarantee that tailored solutions are being offered to meet individual client needs. 

Our employment law consultants, who are based throughout the UK, have helped businesses across all types of industries in areas such as Birmingham, Manchester, London and Liverpool, comply with the ever-changing pressures of employment law legislation, without jeopardising the success of their business and the productivity of their employees. 

We pride ourselves on being a small but mighty team who have, collectively, over 60 years’ experience working in employment law across a variety of industries including charities, care homes, retail, construction, food, customer service and so much more.

How employment law support can add value to your business 

The biggest repercussion that you and your business could face if you are not following current employment laws, and are taken to an employment tribunal, are fines in the thousands. An employment trial can also damage your business reputation and image both publicly and internally, resulting in employee trust and productivity falling, and a decline in customers/clients/revenue.

Employment law support from qualified and experienced professionals, such as ourselves, means that you can significantly reduce the chances of being taken to an employment tribunal by an employee. 

Our consultants will actively ensure that you’re doing everything that you can, and everything that you should, to remain compliant. That’s whether you come to us with a query or issue, or we update you with any changes to employment laws that you may need to act upon. 

On the small possibility that a claim is made against your business, we can support and represent you through all stages of the tribunal process to ease the stress of what is a very challenging situation.

What do our employment law consultancy services include?

Our employment law services include, but are not limited to:


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