Why Your Growing Business Needs HR Services in Birmingham

    Birmingham is a growing city, employing over 100,000 people across a range of industries. The developing city contributes billions of pounds to the national economy. Birmingham offers the perfect breeding ground for small and medium sized businesses, with over 964 businesses in the west midlands registered at the start of 2017. These growing businesses often need support in one way or another, whether it’s financial investment, additional staff or outsourcing services.

    Employers often reach out for advice in areas they are less knowledgeable in, or don’t have the time to deal with it internally. Human Resource services in Birmingham allow employers to utilise the experience of professional HR consultants, without employing a full-time member of staff for support.

    Birmingham Human Resource Services

    As a growing business in, you want to build an efficient and productive team. However, employers can often struggle with time and may not have the necessary processes in place to give their employees the support they need or to convey expected standards within the workplace. With Birmingham HR services, such as ours at Guardian Support, you are given guidance and support wherever your growing organisation needs. This may be during recruitment, training, development or employee relations management.  Your Human Resource consultant should provide your organisation with bespoke, up-to-date advice, giving you the time to invest elsewhere in the business.

    There are many services to be taken advantage of at Guardian Support:

    Why Invest in HR Consultancy and Advice in Birmingham?

    As a small or growing business owner, it can be stressful trying to expand your organisation whilst keeping up with human resource and employment laws. Outsourcing your HR services can bring many benefits to your organisational processes, your teams’ productivity and your efficiency as a manager and a business.

    Bullying in the Workplace Support and Advice

    It is a sad, but true, fact that bullying occurs in every workplace. Cyber bullying is a particularly growing issue in the workplace, as more colleagues have dedicated access to the internet and social media during their working hours. But it is the employer’s responsibility to stop this from happening and encourage a workplace culture that doesn’t accept bullying or harassment of any kind.

    There are many proactive and established approached to protective your employees and your business from workplace bullying. HR consultants in Birmingham are on-hand to help tackle these issues and create a better company culture. Your HR consultants can assist by developing Human Resource policy and procedures that detail what bullying is in an organisation. They can then give advice on how to manage any circumstances that arise.

    Bullying in the workplace can be a complex and sensitive issue but there is no need to be afraid about approaching a Human Resource consultant for support.

    Struggling to Stay on Top of Employee Records?

    If your business is rapidly expanding, it can be hard to organise employee absences, annual leave and employee details. HR services in Birmingham are available to take the strain off employers and reduce stress and workload.

    It can be quite damaging to team moral and employee motivation if these things aren’t kept well organised internally. That’s why Human resource consultants in Birmingham can help you manage employee records and keep employee training organised and on track by providing sample documents and advice and guidance.

    Up-to-date Human Resource Advice

    It can be tricky to stay up to date with changing legislation and employment law. Human resource consultants in Birmingham are available throughout the year to support your business when you need it most.

    With Christmas fast approaching, you may soon realise that you need season HR support. There may be rising issues with permanent staff not wanting to work over the Christmas period. Setting internal expectations for Christmas and Christmas social events is important. Avoid sexual harassment claims and alcohol induced incidents and seek advice from your HR consultant on how to deal with internal issues.

    Need an Experienced HR Consultant to Visit Your Workplace?

    Carrying out unbiased meetings can be difficult when managing such a close-knit organisation. No matter what size your business, you often form close working relationships with your employees. This can cause issues and tension when it comes to employee investigations and making business decisions. 

    On-site HR support in Birmingham is ideal for these situations. Your dedicated HR consultant can assist with such meeting either in an advisory/note taking capacity or as an impartial decision maker. This eliminates stress that comes with managing reviews and legal processes internally.

    Guardian Support offer HR advice to businesses across the UK. We understand that running a business is challenging enough and that managing your staff can be a juggling act. But it shouldn’t be that way. As an employer, you shouldn’t need to stress over endless changes to employment law or human resource practices. With the right team by your side, you can guarantee that any HR issues in your growing organisation are well taken care of. This not only saves you time, but it means that your employees are happy and productive and that your business is a success.

    Why Your Business Needs Bespoke HR Service in Birmingham 

    Guardian Support offer UK wide HR support. Each business and industry is different, that’s why you need a dedicated HR consultant that understands your business and recommends on best practices.

    Whether you are growing business or an established organisation that needs access to a specialist, we can provide you with a professional HR consultant and offer tailored solutions that will protect your company and your employees. Call us today and book a free consultation on 0845 2626 260.

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