Why You Should Outsource HR

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    A HR department is the heart of any business.
    It ensures that the relationship between employers and employees is one of mutual understanding, respect and care.
    By making sure that employees are being treated fairly and within the law, and that employers set a clear understanding for their expectations, your business will run smoothly.

    But, have you ever thought about outsourcing HR support?

    With an external support system in place, typically through a HR consultant, you are allowing a professional and experienced person to take the pressure and responsibility away from you.

    Save money

    Hiring a full-time or even part-time in-house HR team, can be an unnecessary added cost to your business. You may find that, as a small business, you only need advice on training or recruitment throughout the year. Not to mention the cost of additional work space for HR staff and the equipment and resources they will require.
    An external HR consultant can be used as and when they are needed so you’re not spending money when you don’t have to.

    Save precious time

    Imagine all the time that you currently spend writing up employee contracts and researching the latest changes in employment law was now able to be spent doing your most important job – bringing in revenue.

    You would be able to focus on business strategy, meetings and networking events instead of worrying about those employee handbooks or recruiting a new staff member.

    No liability

    The biggest concern for many employers, is that they don’t know the full ins and outs of the law when it comes to the employment industry. This is understandable as the law is constantly changing and can become quite complicated when getting into the nitty gritty.

    By outsourcing your HR support, you have access to a legal advisor whose sole job is to be up to date with law changes and who has years of experience with all types of businesses. They can closely monitor your business procedures, update you on the law and implement changes when necessary, lowering the risk of lawsuits and keeping you compliant.

    No pressure

    Many aspects of HR are quite brutal and can often be tough to deal with as an employer. Personal employer and employee relationships can intervene and may even cause tension in the workplace.

    By outsourcing a HR consultant, you are putting the difficult decision-making mainly on the shoulders of an external person. This means that you can maintain somewhat positive relationships with your employees and refrain from making any biased HR decisions.

    More accuracy

    If you are running the day to day business activities as well as HR and whatever else is required for your business, you may find that the job is being done to the best of your ability.

    When you are juggling too many balls, you are bound to drop one, and it’s more likely to be something like HR which often gets treated as a lesser priority. By having an external HR consultant who is only focusing on the one task – HR- they can dedicate the time needed to that area of your business.

    The Outsiders Perspective

    An external HR consultant has access to insider industry knowledge that most others don’t because they are working with a variety of businesses and have built a network of important contacts.

    They may see a performance management strategy work well for one company and introduce it successfully to yours – an idea that may have never been visible to you as businesses often get stuck in their ways. Having that all important perspective from a professional and experienced outsider can be imperative to making improvements to your business.

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