Why Guardian Support's Recruitment Service Will Benefit Your Business

    Looking to expand your business in 2020? It might be time to consider a new way to recruit.

    Open vacancies are stressful, expensive and cause delays, whilst recruiting new staff can be demanding, time-consuming and expensive – especially for SME’s who usually don’t have their own dedicated recruitment team.

    It’s no wonder then, that between 2008 – 2018, a total of 32,886 recruitment agencies entered the market, and an estimated 115,000 staff are working in the recruitment industry.

    Furthermore, the recruitment industry has benefited from technological advancement such as machine learning and big data. Although this has been advantageous in increasing the reach and thus volume of applicants, it has not necessarily helped improve the quality of the hire.

    The cost of a bad hire is the biggest cost incurred by a company in their recruitment process and  can be detrimental for a business. It is estimated that a bad hire at the mid management level can cost £132,000 which includes agency fees, cost of re-hiring, training and loss of productivity.

    Despite the availability of advanced technology in the recruitment industry – the threat of large costs still looms – and the major issues are still present.

    So, what’s going wrong? At Guardian Support, we believe there are problems with the traditional methods of recruitment used by agencies – and with our wealth of experience in HR across a range of industries, we knew we could do better.

    So why is Guardian Support different?

    At Guardian Support we offer so much more than a recruitment agency.

    We excel in three main areas:

    Understanding your business needs

    Our extensive experience in HR across a range of businesses and industries means that we can understand your business needs better than most.

    From manufacturing to retail, fast food, football clubs, hospitality and charitable organisations – we’ve seen it all.

    We know how important culture and company fit are – and that’s why we care about ensuring the candidate doesn’t just match on paper but will also be able to gel well with the rest of your employees and enhance the atmosphere in the workplace.

    Guardian Support Recruitment go further than agencies

    At Guardian Support we perform all the duties of a recruitment agency – plus much more.

    Drafting a job description, marketing the vacancy on the appropriate channels, conducting phone interviews for potential candidates, and providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates. These are the jobs performed by most traditional recruitment agencies.

    Don’t worry – we will do all of this too. But at Guardian, we acknowledge these tasks alone aren’t enough to fulfil the needs of most employers. That’s why we aim to fill the gaps that traditional recruitment agencies are missing.

    Assisting with your Interviewing process

    Interviewing new applicants can be difficult for SME’s. Ensuring interviews are conducted efficiently and effectively can be a struggle. It’s not uncommon for employers to finish a round of interviews and still be unsure about the suitability of their applicants. Uncertainty is time costly, and extensive time spent deliberating may result in losing the candidate.

    That’s why at Guardian Support, we offer a range of services to aid your interview process. We equip you with essential interview paperwork such as role specific questions and testing papers. Rather than relying on generic interview questions, you can suss out the candidate’s suitability through our bespoke and role specific questions. 

    And we don’t just give you generic interview questions either.

    Using our knowledge of your business and its needs, we ensure all paperwork and interview resources are designed bespoke for you. We will even sit on the interview panel with you, providing you with additional support and an objective point of view.

    Our extra support helps you to gain clarity, saving you lots of time and resources. and significantly improve your chances of employing the best possible candidate.

    Assisting Employers Post-interview

    Typically, recruitment agencies only go as far as providing candidate feedback post interview. But we know the onboarding process doesn’t stop there.

    We want to save you even more time and resources. That’s why we go further, by performing tasks such as drafting conditional offers for successful candidates and chasing references on your behalf.

    Once everything is in order, and your new employee has a set start date, we’ll also write their contract and handbook, ensuring all company policies are displayed clearly and concisely. 

    Continued HR support

    Whilst our main priority is ensuring that your business gets the right employee, we can also offer support on a range of other HR issues that might occur after recruitment.

    For example, we’ll be on call to help ensure your business is acting in compliance with various legislation such as Employment Law, Workplace Mediation, Employment Tribunal Representation and much more.  

    A more cost-effective approach to recruitment.

    Recruitment agencies usually charge a fee of about 20% of the employees first year salary. For example, a new hire with an initial salary £24,000 will incur a fee of £4800.

    Therefore, for employees with a higher salary, the fee incurred can be considerably high.

    That’s why we are proud of our more cost-effective model.

    Rather than charging a fee based on candidate salary– we charge a fixed rate – starting at £900 per campaign. We have a fixed annual fee for our recruitment services which can be paid in monthly instalments, discounted rates for multiple hires from one campaign or even a Pay-As-You-Go option.

    To find out more about this service, you can book a free consultation with us by calling 0845 2626 260 or emailing us at enquiries@guardiansupport.co.uk 

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