What Should You Have in A First Aid Kit?

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    A first aid kit is a legal requirement in every workplace but there is no mandatory list of what your first aid kit should contain. This should be decided by the employer based on their business needs – something which you can conclude following a thorough first aids need analysis.

    However, as a guide, there are a few necessities that we feel every good first aid kit should provide:


    Individually wrapped sterile plasters in an assortment of sizes for smalls cuts or grazes – a common workplace injury across all industries especially when working with scissors, knives etc.

    Sterile Eye Pads

    If an accident were to occur that resulted in a staff member receiving an eye injury, it’s very important that it gets treated as quickly as possible to avoid any serious or permanent damage. This means that by having sterile eye pads to hand, you can instantly provide aid to an injured employee and reduce the severity of the accident.


    Bandages play a major role in dealing with slightly more severe injuries than a plaster can handle. They can be used to dress wounds or burns, support joint injuries, hold dressings in place or stop bleeding.

    Safety Pins

    These are needed to help fasten and secure bandages so it’s essential to keep a few of these in the first aid kit.

    Large sterile wound dressings

    These are large pads attached to a bandage making it easier and quicker to apply pressure to a wound and stop any bleeding in the case of an emergency.

    Disposable gloves

    Something that is often forgotten but hugely important when treating someone with an injury, particularly if they have an open wound or burn.

    Gloves will reduce the risk of infection between the first aider and the injured party so they must be worn when carrying out almost all first aid tasks.


    A tool that is always handy to have laying around especially when it comes to treating injuries. These are needed for cutting bandages or pads, or might even be needed to cut through clothing to get to a wound.

    Alcohol free cleansing wipes

    These are to enable you to safely clean the skin surrounding a wound preventing infection.

    Instruction leaflet

    It might be handy to have an instruction leaflet to hand for your first aider to refer to if necessary when using the first aid kit.

    If you would like further advice on your first aid kit, or need some assistance in carrying out your first aid needs analysis, then our Health and Safety consultants are on hand to help. Just call us on 0845 2626 260 to book a free consultation.

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