Twelve Amazing Job Perks That Really Exist

    Picture your dream job.
    Maybe you’re lying on a beach, getting paid to travel the world and try different cocktails; or maybe you’re sitting in a plush top floor office overseeing a multi-billion pound business.

    Whatever your goal may be, there is one thing that they all probably share – amazing, mouth-watering perks that could never really exist…or could they!

    There are many companies around the world that take employee perks to a whole new level and make some of our wildest dreams a reality for many…

    1. We all look forward to those eight sublime bank holidays every year that give us the chance to spend time with the family, or catch up on much needed sleep.
      But what about an extra day off just to pamper yourself!
      Well, London-based ad agency, Fox Kalomaski, offers their staff an extra day off in December to get ready for the party season. That’s literally bonus annual leave that encourages you to go and pamper yourself for the day!
    1. If you work for Clif Bar and Company over in the States then you have no excuse not to get in a work-out every week.
      Their offices house an on-site gym where you can spend 2.5 hours of your working week working out. Yes, they are literally paying you to go and exercise in a private company gym – how could you say no.
    1. If you are anything like me, your work space affects your quality of work and productivity; therefore, it makes sense that Asana provide their employees with a generous fixed budget to build their dream desk set-up. A nice comfy swivel chair, a spacious desk, a little fan for those warm days – it’s a shopaholic’s dream.
    1. As far as maternity leave policies, the UK don’t offer the support for new mothers that most other countries do.
      It isn’t uncommon for companies in America to provide very generous policies for expectant parents and Google has set the bar particularly high.
      They give new mothers 18 weeks full paid maternity leave allowing them a decent amount of time to bond with their new baby, get some much-needed rest and prepare themselves for the return to work.
    1. There is nothing better than getting a good meal at work, it can motivate and energise employees – not to mention encourage them to go to work in the first place.
      At AirBnB, you’re not only provided with three healthy and organic meals every day but you can also pick yourself up some snacks – on all the company.
      You’ll never have to go grocery shopping again!
    1. Most of us are probably just happy to work in an environment with a nice view, or clean toilets, or just some natural light!
      But at Square, they take it one – or ten – steps further with onsite massages, acupuncture and personal training! It’s the perfect way to keep your employees relaxed, healthy and fit without them even having to leave the grounds.
    1. Imagine never having to pay for a flight again! The money you would save and the more travelling you would be inclined to do.
      For Southwest Airline employees, this is a reality as they can book free flights with the company for them and their friends and family!
      We hope they have a decent annual leave policy too!
    1. There are two times during the year when everyone just needs some time away from work to spend with their friends and family.
      Adobe encourages this sentiment by closing their offices for one week during December and another week during summer. The two best times of the year and the ones where no one wants to be sat in an office.
    1. World Wildlife Fund gives ‘Friday Feeling’ a whole new meaning by offering all their employees every other Friday off work.
      We get excited over the rare four day weeks we are blessed with here in the UK, so we think we might completely lose it if a four-day working week was a common occurrence.
    1. There’s nothing better than being rewarded for your loyalty and long-time service for a company.
      At Epic Systems, they gift employees who have worked for the company for 5 years with a month-long paid holiday. Furthermore, if said employee decides to go travelling during this holiday then the company covers most of the expenses for them and a friend.
    1. When you join a new company, first impressions do count and can make a difference as to how long you stay and how hard you work.
      J.M. Smucker seem to have caught on to this concept of making new recruits happy by sending a gift basket to their home.
      It’s the little things that make the world of difference.
    1. Sometimes the regimented structure of an office job (9-5, Monday to Friday) can bog down employees and have them feeling demotivated and uninspired.
      Not everyone works well first thing in the morning, and find most of their creativity comes to them in the evening or at night.
      Netflix have tapped into this idea by giving their employees complete flexibility as to their working hours.
      So long as employees fulfil their hours every month, they can work whichever days they choose and whatever hours they like.

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