Why Now Is A Sensible Time To Ensure That You Have Tribunal Cover

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    As you may be aware from previous correspondence and articles from us, we have had a significant increase in the number of tribunal claims since the fees were abolished on 26 July 2017. It appears the decision of the Supreme Court that both Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal fees are unlawful has had an immediate impact on the number of claims being issued against many of our clients.

    While this doesn’t come as a surprise to most, it will cause some concern to employers and is likely to make employers more aware of the risks that they take when terminating employment. It is also worth noting that employers will have to accept that if a decision is likely to be unpopular with the workforce, it is now more likely to lead to legal action being taken against them.

    Employers have always been wary of tribunal claims, even with the tribunal fees, and now it is more likely that employers will look to turn to settlement agreements to avoid the increased risk. Taking all this into account, it now is a good time to get everything in order by reviewing your policies and procedures to ensure any dismissals are fair and that discrimination is not tolerated in your business.

    As most of you may already be aware, we at Guardian Support are able to offer you pre-brought tribunal cover to give you complete piece of mind knowing that we are there to support and advise you fully if your organization falls victim to tribunal proceedings.

    Our pre-brought tribunal representation cover includes:

    With the average cost of tribunal representation exceeding £5,000, you will no doubt recognize a small investment made now in adding our pre-brought tribunal cover to your monthly retained contract is fantastic value for money and a worthwhile investment to ensure you are better covered against this real and inherent risk.  Prices start from as little as £41.67 per month plus VAT and with 100% success rate on cases that we have advised on, it is a worthy investment.

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