The Most Effective Ways To Communicate With Your Team

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    Communication is the key to any strong relationship, including those in the workplace. But it can be somewhat difficult to start, or keep, a consistent line of communication between you and your employees, both individually and as a team.

    However, as with all HR issues, there are some business practices that you can implement to resolve this problem:

    Monthly Newsletter

    Some companies have a monthly e-shot that gets sent to everyone on the team highlighting any individual employee achievements such as hitting targets, new recruits that have joined the team and other general business updates.

    This kind of mass email enables everyone on the team to be informed of anything they may have missed whilst being out of the office – particularly if you have staff that work from home or spend a lot of time on the road – and makes everyone feel involved and included.

    Plus, there is no need to juggle around schedules, book a meeting room or take time away from the working day.

    Team Meetings

    The most common method of staff communication is through regular team meetings that are scheduled in at a time that best suits everyone. To best overcome any issues with schedules, you should choose a fixed date and time and input it into everyone’s calendars well in advance.

    By gathering your team together away from their desks for 30-60 minutes, every week or month, you can have an interactive session where you share business news with your employees and they feedback directly to you. This is a great way to share news and bounce ideas off one another and help build relationships amongst the team.

    Suggestion Box

    Some employees may be less comfortable with giving their feedback or offering up certain business-related ideas in front of the whole team, or even to their manager directly.

    A suggestion box – placed somewhere discreet but accessible on the premises – can be a great way of introducing an open forum to your company whilst also allowing for anonymity when required.

    You may even find that it encourages more employees to come forward with ideas or proposals they have for the business.

    One to One Catch-Ups

    When it comes to more personal updates and reviews for individual employees, one to one catch-ups are usually the best way to go.

    Every month or so, it’s worth sitting down with everyone and giving them feedback on their performance, information regarding any business developments that may affect them and the opportunity to share any concerns or queries they may have.

    For larger businesses who employ upwards of 20 employees, it can be time-consuming, particularly if it is the responsibility of one person to conduct these meetings, but the benefits are worth the hassle.

    You can build a more personal relationship with each employee, you’re creating a safe space for them to discuss their issues and you are showing them that you care and recognise their hard-work/difficulties.

    Open Door Policy

    Alternatively, if you are unable to sit down with every employee on a regular basis due to the scale of your business or scheduling difficulties, then you should consider an open-door policy.

    This enables your employees to approach you directly whenever they have news to share, concerns to voice or anything else on their mind.

    It’s a particularly useful strategy to implement if you are working in an office that separates you from the rest of the team, though you may want to enforce specific open-door hours so that you are not constantly interrupted throughout the day.

    Communicating with your team doesn’t end at meetings and emails; it extends to employee documentation, grievances, mediation in the workplace and so much more. 
    If you are not communicating well with your team you could be damaging the relationship between you and your employees which could lead to low retention rates and low productivity.
    Therefore, you need to ensure that all areas of HR and Employment Law are treated with the upmost professionalism and full compliance.
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