Important Updates Announced To Furloughing Scheme

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    On Friday 29th May, Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed the plan for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme going forward which will see it slowly close over the next five months.
    It was previously announced that businesses would only be able to apply for this scheme or furlough additional workers until the 30th June.

    To date, the scheme has supported 1million employers with 8.4 million workers being furloughed across the UK costing the Government £15bn.

    In an effort to start easing people back into work, one of the first major changes to this scheme will start from the 1st of July, when employers will have the option to bring furloughed workers back on a part-time basis.
    Businesses will be able to decide the hours and shift patterns that their employers will work on their return – employers will be responsible for paying wages for time worked and then claiming the difference from the Job Retention Scheme where applicable.

    The following months, for those still using the furlough scheme, the level of contribution from the Government will be slowly tapered and employers will be expected to pay a modest share of the 80% of their furloughed workers salary.
    The breakdown is as follows:

    The scheme will be closed to new entrants by the end of June, therefore no new employees may be claimed for from 10th June 2020.  The furlough scheme is then due to close completely at the end of October.

    Sunak said: “We stood behind Britain’s businesses and workers as we came into this crisis and we stand behind them as we come through the other side.”
    “Now, as we begin to reopen our country and kickstart our economy, these schemes will adjust to ensure those who are able to work can do so, while remaining among the most generous in the world.”

    For full details, please read the official Government announcement and guidance here:

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