How To Switch Off Over Christmas

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    As an employer or business owner, you may often find yourself struggling to balance work and home life which can have a detrimental effect on your mental health.
    This can worsen over the Christmas period as you find that most of your employees are away or sick, or you may even have an office closure for much of December, which can cause the workload to pile up and be brought home for the holidays.

    If there is any time of year that everyone deserves a break, it’s now and you should try your best to find at least a couple of days between now and the new year to switch off, have a rest and spend some time with friends and family.

    Put A Plan In Place

    If you insist on doing work over the Christmas period, then at least put a thorough plan in place so that you can manage your time well and find a balance that allows you some time off.
    Within this plan, only schedule the important things that simply cannot wait until January or be handed off to your employees.
    You may find that your January diary is a bit light and you can put most things off until the new year.

    Turn Off Your Phone

    Especially if it is a work phone or if it’s connected to your work emails. There is nothing worse than sitting at the Christmas dinner table with your phone going off every twenty minutes, so for a day or two just switch it off if possible or, put it on silent for a few hours. 
    If you are a business that runs 24/7 and needs someone to be available to answer calls or respond to messages then put a fair rota in place to ease the burden.

    A digital detox is great for everyone during the festivities as it means you can spend more time doing things that you never got around to doing and less time being distracted by your phone and laptop.

    Make Social Plans

    The easiest way to find yourself working during the holidays is to spend most of your time at home doing nothing. Before you know it, you’ll say to yourself ‘oh, I may as well just spend a couple of hours getting back to these emails’ and then it’s 10pm and you’ve spent your entire Boxing Day working.
    Although it is nice, and encouraged, to stay home and relax, you should try to make some social plans around that such as inviting friends or family over to watch a movie or play some board games.

    Have Some Me Time

    As an employer, you probably spend most of your time around other people, in meetings and making calls. This time of year is great for having some ‘me time’ away from other people and work and just switching off your brain and relaxing.
    Some ways in which you can accomplish this is to read a good book, go for a long walk, book a spa day or short-stay trip, or have a clear out. Whatever it is that you enjoy but can never find enough time to do, by yourself, make time and get it done.

    Set Aside A Little Time Each Day

    If you absolutely must check-in every day then the best way to do so is to set aside 30 minutes each day to check emails or make the calls that you need to make. This is best done either first thing every morning or in the evening so that it doesn’t interfere with your day.

    If all else fails, then at the very least, book yourself a holiday in the new year so that you know you will get a break some point soon. The last thing you should be ding is overworking and burning yourself out so, if there is one resolution you will make this year, it should be to take regular breaks and switch off every now and again.

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