How To Identify and Support Stressed Employees

    Stress is something that we all face from time to time and it can be brought on by a number of things, both inside and outside of work.

    A recent survey by employee benefits platform Perkbox found that 59% of employees feel stressed because of their work, which was the biggest cause of stress, followed by 45% who were dealing with family pressures and 45% stressed over money worries.

    Whilst no job role is intrinsically stressful, it is your legal duty, as an employer, to prevent and control workplace stress.

    Some key identifiers that can help you identify stressed employees

    It isn’t always easy to recognise when an employee is stressed, but there are some key identifiers that can help you spot this:

    Then, once you have identified that an employee is feeling significantly stressed, you need to be aware of the various reasons why an employee may be feeling stressed so that you know what steps can be taken to support them.

    Common causes that can stress employees at work

    Some common causes of stress include:

    Support your stressed employee

    Finally, you need a plan of action. This is why it is helpful to understand their reasons for being stressed. It’s probably best that you call the employee in for a 1-1 meeting where you address your concerns and give them an opportunity to explain why they are feeling stressed.

    This opens up a discussion which enables you to work together to decide what actions to take in order to help reduce stress and the impact that it is having on the employee’s work.

    Some examples would be:

    There are always things that you can do as an employer to ease the stress your staff may feel even when it is caused by factors outside of work and beyond your control.

    Stressed employees can lose focus, decrease in productivity and bring down the morale in the office, so it is important that the mental health of your workers is made a priority.

    If you require further advice on identifying and supporting stressed employees then our HR consultants are here to help.
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