How The General Election Result Could Affect Employment Laws

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    Last week we learned that the Conservative Party had won the General Election by quite a landslide, a result that shocked many and has a lot of people asking the question: what will happen now?

    There were many things outlined in the Conservative Manifesto, as well as policies and plans that were already in the process of taking place before the election, but there is one area that we want to focus on…employment laws.

    What can we expect to see change or happen within employment law over the next couple of years with a Tory government in place, and how will this affect business owners and employers?


    Since the referendum, employers have found it increasingly difficult to find staff with many workers from outside of the country, including those outside of the EU, reluctant to come to the UK for work.

    The manifesto stated that the Conservatives would introduce a ‘firmer and fairer’ points-based immigration system, similar to the one used in Australia. This will assign a certain number of points to visa applicants based on things such as having a degree, English skills and work experience, which will, hopefully, streamline the process and make it fair and manageable.

    Employment policy changes

    We can expect to see some substantial changes to employment laws with many policies being updated or introduced in order to strengthen workers’ rights. The first being confirmed as an increase in the National Living Wage from the current £8.21 to £10.50 by 2024, with the age threshold being lowered to 23+ in 2021 and finally 21+ by 2024.

    The following changes are also likely to take place in the coming years:

    The Conservatives have also promised to continue to move forward with the Good Work Plan which includes changes such as workers and employees being entitled to their statement of terms from day one of employment.

    The Conservative Party will also be cracking down on employers abusing employment law by creating a single enforcement body to ensure that workers’ rights are upheld. This means that it is more important than ever to be confident in your contracts of employment and the policies that you have in place for your employees.

    If you require the support of an employment law expert who can provide you with unlimited advice and support to prepare you for any changes in legislation and law and make sure that you are compliant, then we are here for you!
    We are on the side of the employers, ensuring that your contracts and handbooks are up to date and that your workers are happy and treated fairly whilst running a successful business.

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