How Do I Retain My Employees ?

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    As an employer, one thing at the top of your priority list should always be keeping your staff happy.

    Unhappy employees can often mean unproductive employees which could lead to resignations, and when this means losing valuable members of your team it can greatly affect your business.
    It’s also a pricey problem to have as losing staff means going through the cost of hiring and training new ones.

    There are many little things you can do to make sure that your staff are happy and feel valued and motivated in their role which is more likely to make them stay.

    Talk to them

    The easiest way to evaluate what your employees want and need is to just be upfront and ask them during a 1-1 meeting.

    They may not always choose to be open and honest about being unhappy at work, but they might be willing to let you know what areas the business could improve upon and what would make them happier and likely to stick with the company.

    It’s the best way of finding out whether they are not feeling challenged, or valued, or even if they just don’t feel the role is a good fit for them.


    The quickest way to lose an employee is to give them no reason to come to work besides a payslip. Sometimes money just isn’t enough motivation especially when you know that you can get that elsewhere, so think of other ways to reward employees who work hard and get results.

    Some examples include employee of the month awards, team meals out, Friday drinks, extra paid holiday etc.
    It’s little outside of the box ideas like this which give you a leg up on other companies.

    Promote, promote, promote

    Holding on to an employee past the first year is the first hurdle, but longevity only comes about when there is a larger goal in sight.
    If you offer employees the opportunity to move up the ladder and get promoted within the company then they are likely to stay far beyond the first 12 months because they can see a bigger goal worth sticking around for.

    Consider having yearly reviews of all your employees with the opportunity for a new job title, a pay increase and overall promotion should they be working well and getting results.

    Company Benefits

    Employees are more than likely always keeping an eye out for a bigger and better opportunity that comes along, so give them a good enough reason to feel satisfied with their current employment.
    Sometimes the company benefits can outweigh the annual pay slip and keep employees happy and feeling valued.

    Whether it’s little extras like breakfast on Friday’s or payday lunches to the slightly more extravagant such as a company car or an impressive annual leave policy – the benefits are what will make it difficult for employees even look at other opportunities.

    Have a HR person in place

    Sometimes making sure that every employee is happy is a huge task for just one manager. A HR consultant can make the communication between employee and manager a whole lot easier, more consistent and fair.

    It’s important to be aware of employees who may be pushed out of the company because they are being bullied, feeling undervalued or underpaid, experiencing a change in their personal circumstances or want to try something new.

    By learning about it early on, you may be able to find a way to make them stay before it’s too late.

    Offer flexibility

    One of the biggest reasons for people leaving their job is down to personal lifestyle changes such as returning to education, moving to a new area, starting a family etc.
    But this does not always have to result in a resignation if it’s handled correctly at the earliest stage.

    When you learn that an employee’s personal situation may be changing then it’s important to have a discussion with them and see what you can do to help.
    It may be that they move to part-time employment, work from home or are transferred to a different location – if these are things that your company can offer.

    However, if you have done all you can to keep your employees happy and they still make the decision to leave then you should also accommodate that choice.

    An employee’s decision to leave may have nothing to do with being unhappy at their current job and may just be about exploring new opportunities or wanting a change of scene and you should be as supportive as you can with that conclusion.

    If you need any support when it comes to retaining staff and other employer-employee relationship matters, then get in touch. We can provide you with a dedicated consultant to offer 24/7 advice in HR and Employment Law. To book a free consultation, call us on 0845 2626 260.

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