Four Ways to Maintain the Wellbeing of Your Staff

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    Mental health and work-related stress have been major talking points over the past few weeks as it was revealed that 300,000 people with long term mental health problems lose their job every year.

    These finding were based on a report called Thrive at Work, which reviews mental health and how it affects workers.

    As a result, businesses and employers are being asked to provide more support to staff that already struggle with mental health and those that may be at risk.

    Not only is it important to be able to recognise signs of mental health issues and address these as soon as possible, you also have a duty to prevent or reduce the levels of stress put upon your employees and maintain their well-being.

    Offer flexibility

    Remote working and flexible hours are becoming increasingly popular in most industries because it can save on money and resources and, in some cases, be a more productive option for workers.

    It means that parents can save on childcare and spend more time with their family, carers can juggle their work and home life, and that those struggling with mental health can take time they need away from the office.

    If you don’t already, why not implement a flexible working option so that employees can choose their own hours or work from home.

    Though, this may not be an option for all businesses where machinery or certain in-house equipment is needed to complete work.

    Vary the work

    Sometimes repetitive work can assist in deteriorating mental health, and it is important to continue challenging your employees by providing them with new and exciting tasks.

    Doing the same few tasks every day can become boring and make employees feel undervalued or forgotten, so try and offer them something new – even if it’s just some extra training or an added responsibility.

    You could even look at rotating your workforce so that everyone has the opportunity to try their hand in a different area of the business. This could benefit you, as an employer, because your employees will be able to take on any role when necessary, and it gives them a chance to learn new skills.


    When it comes to mental health and stress in the workplace, the work environment plays a huge role.

    A great way to lift the atmosphere, bring work colleagues together and, in turn, hopefully improve the wellbeing of your staff is to introduce team-building activities.

    This could be by rewarding good work or hitting targets with a company meal out at lunchtime, or marking your business anniversary every year by taking your employees out for Friday drinks.

    Regular communication

    A simple solution to the issue of mental health in the workplace, and one that is so often overlooked or avoided, is communication with your employees.

    By simply arranging a weekly or monthly catch-up session with employees who may be struggling, you’re showing them that you care and giving them the opportunity to voice their concerns.

    They have the chance, during this meeting, to raise any issues and offer up any solutions of their own that they feel may help with their mental health or stress levels.

    It really is true that sometimes all you have to do is ask.

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