Dress Code Guidance Issued by the Government

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    A couple of weeks ago, the Government published new guidance on Dress Codes and Sex Discrimination – which you can read in full here.

    Recently, dress codes in the workplace have caused quite a stir after one woman was sent home from her job for not wearing high heels. After much outrage, the government asked that employers reassess their dress code policies to ensure that they are ‘relevant and lawful’.

    Though there is quite a lot of flexibility as to what you can put in your dress code, it is important that your policy is clear, fair and non-discriminatory.

    You should also consider your reasons as to why you ask your employees to wear certain things in the workplace.

    This latest guidance publication aims to help re-establish and clarify the law when it comes to workplace dress codes.

    Some of the key points that you should take away from this guidance document are:

    It is important that you take some time to read these guidance document so that you clearly understand your responsibilities as an employer.

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