Dangers In Your Office That You Probably Don't Think About

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    When you look around your office, there are obvious hazards that stand out straight away, such as electrical wires and dangerous chemicals.
    But you may miss a few things during your risk assessment that don’t seem so blatant when it comes to potential danger to employees.

    It’s these less recognisable hazards that are just as dangerous because you may not have any procedures in place to deal with them…

    Repetitive Stressors

    Being sat at a desk in front of a computer all day, almost every day, with very little movement, can lead to injuries related to repetitive movement.
    To avoid your employees getting back pains or eye problems, make sure you invest in the best equipment rather than the most affordable. Chairs with supportive back rests and comfortable seats and desks that place the computer at an appropriate eye level are just some things that you should consider.

    Out of Date Food

    The only time you probably think about checking the expiration date on items in the fridge is when you pull out the carton of milk to make your morning coffee. But you should ideally clean out the office fridge and cupboards at the end of every week to avoid employees accidentally consuming something that could make them sick.

    Room Temperature

    It can be hard to keep everyone in the office happy when it concerns the temperature. Half may say it’s too cold whilst the rest think it’s just right, so as an employer you need to try your best to meet everyone’s needs.

    An office that is too cold can lead to staff illness, so make sure the radiators are on and windows are closed for as long as necessary during the winter period. But then when it’s too hot, get the air conditioning on and open some windows otherwise you may leave staff hot and bothered and that isn’t good for health either.


    Keeping the office clean isn’t just for the sake of a presentable and relaxing work environment. It has safety benefits too.

    Objects laying around on the floor can be trip hazards, boxes stacked haphazardly could fall and injure someone and items may be placed in inappropriate places such as in front of fire exits.
    So regularly clean your office to make sure that there are no accidents waiting to happen.

    If you need help with your risk assessment, or any other health and safety matter in the workplace, then get in touch with us today and we can provide you with a fully qualified Health and Safety consultant. Call today on 0845 2626 260.

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