What Are The Biggest Hazards In Your Workplace?

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    Every workplace has different health and safety risks that could be putting their employees in danger which is why a regular general risk assessment should take place.

    However, there are common hazards across most workplaces that you should be particularly wary of as they cause the highest number of accidents every year.

    Poor Housekeeping

    All it takes is a spillage left uncleaned or a box not put away to cause someone to trip or slip and severely hurt themselves.
    It’s one of the easiest risks to avoid because there is no training or specialist knowledge involved and everyone in the workplace can take responsibility for it.

    Simply encourage employees to keep their workspace tidy and that any mess left around the workplace is tidied immediately.
    You could even consider hiring a cleaner or having a full staff clean-up session for half an hour once a week.

    Working at Height

    You don’t have to work on a construction site to be at risk of falling from a height. Whether your employees are climbing a ladder in the store room or grabbing some boxes off a tall cupboard, you will need to make sure that they are safe at all times.

    This could mean dishing out training to anyone in the workforce who may work at a height during the working day but, also, putting the appropriate precautions in place to make the process as safe as possible.

    Electrical Cords

    This can cause multiple risks to the workplace if used incorrectly. They can be a trip hazard if in the line of path of traffic, so it is important to arrange the work space so that cords are tucked away and hidden under desks and alongside walls.

    They can also cause fires and electric shocks, again if not handled correctly. It’s vital that you do not overload outlets, tangle up cords or daisy chain (link more than one power strip together) as this could have extreme consequences.


    Sometimes fires at work cannot be prevented, but that doesn’t mean that the correct precautions should not be put into place.

    Aside from electrical cords (as mentioned above), storage of waste, overheating objects and smoking are some hazards to be aware of, and look out for, in your workplace to reduce the risk of a fire.

    It’s also important that, in case a fire was to break out, you regularly test your fire alarm, keep fire exits clear and have an evacuation procedure in place that every employee is aware of.

    Manual Handling

    Manual handling causes over a third of all workplace injuries yet it is so easily avoidable if the correct precautions are put into place.

    Most employees in many workplaces will encounter a manual handling activity whilst at work, therefore it is important to make sure that everyone is trained and fully aware of the correct procedures.
    It’s useful to have posters around the workplace for employees to refer to should they be asked to do some manual handling.

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