Benefits of Onsite HR Training

    Training your employees is always a good idea. As they develop new skills and increase their knowledge, they can help your business grow and improve. However, not all training is created equal.

    In this post, we’ll look at onsite training and its benefits over online and off-site training. Guardian Support offers many quality comprehensive onsite courses to grow the talent of your employees, so we have plenty of experience with the details. 

    Keep reading to find out the advantages of onsite training, as well as when onsite training is not the best option.

    What is Onsite HR Training?

    Onsite HR training refers to courses and developmental training done on the premises of your organisation or other in-person physical spaces of learning. These generally involve obtaining an outside professional or specialist to come to your organisation to run one or more training sessions for the employees of your organisation. 

    Advantages of Onsite HR Training

    Here are the top five onsite training benefits:

    Location saves time and money

    The first and often most valued advantage of onsite training is location. As these training sessions are run on the company’s premises, time is saved through the employees not being required to commute to another location. This also saves your company money, as travel expenses can be substantial. Off-site training also often requires catering and additional expenses, which onsite training saves.

    Fits around employee schedules

    Onsite training sessions can be slotted in according to your business’s needs, in contrast to scheduled training can clash with employees’ schedules. This allows productivity to continue and important deadlines to be reached without issue.

    Improves employee engagement

    Holding in-person training has been found to be more engaging and effective than online options. These training sessions help employees gain new skills while developing existing skill sets. They will also acquire new knowledge that will improve their on-the-job productivity. These advantages lead to greater employee satisfaction and engagement, which can also improve your business’s retention rate.

    Secure and confidential

    When training employees, particularly senior-level management teams, it is likely that you will not want the information leaked to competitors or customers. Training material and organisation data can be sensitive, and confidential onsite training protects businesses from being exposed to the possibility of shared information.

    Minimal productivity loss

    Taking your employees offsite for training can really interrupt a work day, resulting in the loss of productivity and progress on projects. Seeing as onsite sessions can be fitted around schedules, and no additional time is required for commuting, onsite training results in minimal productivity loss. 

    When is Onsite HR Training not a good option?

    As with most things, sometimes the best option is not the one that suits your business. If your organisation’s premises are not well-equipped to hold sessions, you may need to choose another option. For example, for a productive session, you will most likely need a large enough room, chairs to sit on, and a projector or screen. Without these basics, your premises may not be the right choice for training. 

    A second situation in which onsite training may not be a good option is when you are planning a week-long training event. If your company has historically hosted events of this nature, there may be expectations that it will be a getaway for the team, with team building and relaxation built into it. To shift from this style of training to onsite training may be disheartening for your team.

    If you want to know more about the onsite training that we offer, get in touch with us today. Our talented trainers are always enthusiastic to help employees grow so that they can take your business forward.

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